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Rosana Chloe Lai


An insatiable lover of words, with a penchant for puns, whose work has appeared on, and Tatler Asia among others on topics ranging from fashion and dining, to human interest and creative nonfiction.



Tatler Asia
The Alchemist

Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen uses the latest technology to create poetic collections inspired by everything from the depths of the ocean to solar systems.

Tatler Asia
Issey, You Say

The new head designer of Issey Miyake, 36-year-old Satoshi Kondo aspires to make his mark on the Japanese house without forsaking its storied history

Tatler Asia
Leading Man

Beloved at home and in Hollywood, martial-arts star Donnie Yen ponders his most important battle yet--the fight to leave the legacy he imagines

Tatler Hong Kong
Gou Getter: What's Next For South Korean DJ & Fashion Designer Peggy Gou

By Rosana Lai In 2019, celebrated South Korean DJ Peggy Gou started a record label, Gudu, and fashion label, Kirin-but for the creative polymath, this is just the beginning Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get all our top stories delivered We're on Facebook and Instagram.

Hong Kong Tatler
Model Behavior

Hong Kong Tatler October Cover Story

Hong Kong Tatler
Sustainability Roundtable: 6 Trailblazers On Fashion's Footprints

With manufacturers and consumers becoming increasingly aware of the fashion industry's potential to wreak havoc on the environment, we gathered a group of sustainability trailblazers with intimate knowledge of the supply chain for a round-table discussion of some of the most pressing issues facing the industry.

Hong Kong Tatler
Net-A-Porter Global Buying Director Elizabeth von der Goltz On Growing Up In Hong Kong

On her latest visit to Hong Kong to present Fall/Winter 2019 trends (a.k.a. the only things you need to buy next season), we sat down with the e-commerce giant's global buying director Elizabeth von der Goltz to talk about her Hong Kong roots, how she always looks so polished and what to steal from your parents' wardrobes this season

The Way We Move | Lane Crawford

Lane Crawford collaborates with The Woolmark Company to create two worldwide exclusive athleisure capsules with emerging designers Particle Fever and Helen Lee. Each collection incorporates innovative techniques using Australian Merino wool to showcase the versatility and importance of the sustainable fibre in the future of fashion.

Glamour Magazine
The Dos and Don'ts of Thigh-High Boots

So you bought a pair of thigh-high boots (after reading our epic guide, of course), but now you're stumped by what to wear with them. Don't worry-we haven't...

People StyleWatch
Miranda Kerr's Sunglasses Are Amazing (and Expensive) - Get the Look For Less

Pacific Coast News, Splash News Online, Startraks Let's list all the reasons we're jealous of Miranda Kerr. There's her supermodel figure, superstar hubby Orlando Bloom, super-cute dimples -and of course, her super-stylish sunglasses. The KORA Organics owner is rarely spotted out without killer frames that serve as a statement item in her outfit.

Beauty & Wellness

The Fragrance Remix: Discover Your Next Signature Scent | Lane Crawford

Glamour is the goal in all that you do. You're always spotted at the right place at the right time and are always immaculately dressed. The next thing for you in fragrance is Byredo's innovative and undeniably elegant Kabuki brush. Sweeping this powdered perfume along your neck will become a welcome addition to your refined, ladylike routine.

Simplifying Your Skincare | Lane Crawford

I simplified my routine to the bare basics - cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise - but I became religious about maintaining it both morning and night. I learned not to just rely on quick pick me up beauty products to 'fix' things.

Is There Such A Thing As Workout Ready Make-up? | Lane Crawford

Celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston recommends wearing as little as possible and wash it off as soon after the workout as possible. But, if you must put a little coverage on, opt for mineral makeup which is slightly more breathable and usually contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Wellbeing 101: The Lowdown on Ingestible Skincare | Lane Crawford

We all know that beauty comes from within but this trend takes that thinking to a literal level. Ingestible skincare is essentially beauty supplements that contain ingredients (much of which are derived from nature) to boost health as well as improve your skin and hair.

Rob Lowe Takes His Love for Animals to the Small Screen

He already loves Parks and Recreation, and now Rob Lowe is adding "wildlife rescue" to his growing list of interests. As part of Procter & Gamble's Dawn Saves Wildlife campaign, the Golden Globe nominee will be narrating a documentary web series called The Big Picture, highlighting the rescue efforts of the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue, which saves wildlife from oil spills using Dawn dish soap.
Jennifer Lawrence Poses with Dogs for Vogue Shoot

Leave it to a pair of dogs to upstage Jennifer Lawrence and all of her glamorous glory in Vogue's September issue. In her Mario Testino-snapped shoot, the cover girl hugs two dogs at once, looking decidedly at ease for a cat lady. But sharing the spotlight with her furry friends was probably a relief for Lawrence.
Why One Shark Attack Survivor Is Working to Help Save Sharks

The sun beat down on Florida's Canaveral National Seashore, a quiet beach untouched by condos or civilization - just the way Debbie Salamone liked it. The then-38-year-old, who lived on the coast as a teenager, waded into the water one August afternoon in 2004, floating on her back and jumping in the swells with a friend who enjoyed the waves nearby.
Mini Celebrity Royals

As the world celebrates the birth of William and Kate's new prince, meet the famous tots (Blue Ivy! Kingston! Maddox!) who are sure to rule Hollywood some day Credit: Courtesy Beyonce Subscribe Now

Northwestern University
The Hollywood Diversity Crisis

“Are you here for the *Chicago Law casting? OK, please sign in here and hand me your head shot,” the receptionist says in a faint murmur.


Sassy Hong Kong
Carnevino - Mario Batali's steakhouse in Central - Sassy Hong Kong

It's getting a little hard to differentiate between all the steakhouses in Hong Kong these days... but here's one that I'll remember not only for its steaks but also its awesome appetizers! Adding yet another quality steakhouse to their long list of restaurants, Dining Concepts has opened Mario Batali's Carnevino, just a few floors above ...

Sassy Hong Kong
Cle de Peau afternoon tea at Cafe Gray Deluxe - Sassy Hong Kong

When I heard that Café Gray Deluxe was doing an afternoon tea set inspired by Cle de Peau Beaute's 30th Anniversary, my first thought was, "They're putting La Crème moisturiser in their pastries!" Thankfully, this was not the case; instead they have created an elegant and rich collection of goodies, just like the cosmetics brand ...

Sassy Hong Kong
Top 5 New Bars & Clubs in Hong Kong for September - Sassy Hong Kong

Tired of having the same martini at the same Soho bar that plays the same electro beats? Then it's a good thing we've rounded up the hottest five new bars and clubs in Hong Kong for you to bring your party to... you never know, one of these might end up as your new Christmas ...

Compass Offices
Meals To Impress: Compass Offices' favourite restaurants to take visitors

Nothing allows out-of-towners to get to know a city better than sampling its best restaurants - but of course, not just any restaurant will do! You're looking for somewhere that showcases the very best food, the country's signature cuisine, a wow-worthy setting and perhaps even the city itself courtesy of some sparkling skyline views...

Sherlok Homes
Budget-Friendly Design Tips for Rented Hong Kong Apartments - Sherlok Homes

It can be incredibly daunting to find a flat in a place like Hong Kong where the ceilings are low and the rent is sky-high, so congratulations on finding a new place! Now the next thing on your agenda is to decorate it. As building alterations aren't an option in rentals and you probably don't ...

Keep the noise down!

As adults, we have a tendency to amp up the volume when listening to music in a busy space - whether it's to drown out the constant sound of renovations from the neighbours upstairs, the thunderous vibrations of the subway, or simply just getting into the groove when listening to your favourite song (cue the chorus of "oh Mum, you're sooo embarrassing!").

Creative Non-Fiction

Thought Catalog
To All The Things That Will Never Be

To all the plans that will never be: I hope in a parallel universe they're unfolding happily, without ever having to realize they never were. Each entitled to their own misfortunes and misgivings, neither better nor worse off than our reality. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, the words that were exchanged were terse.

Through Rosie Colored Lenses
Love May Fail

Shopping for books one day, I was drawn to the title, Love May Fail (by Matthew Quick), the idea that love, the deepest, most profound emotion that one can feel or offer, may still fail. But the word "may" is what my intrigue hinges upon, it is what makes this phrase beautiful, because it means love could just as easily triumph.

Through Rosie Colored Lenses
Hi, my name is Rosie. No, I Don't have a namecard

When she's 5, there's no reason to doubt that little Lucy could be a chef, a CEO, a cartoonist. But even at that age, there's an implication that one day she can only be one of those things.

Her Campus
Rosie On Romance... Closure

There's a myth about closure. The movies symbolize it with the tossing of a wedding ring or the burning of letters. Self-help books tell you, you must "first define your loose ends, forgive, withdraw and then have a symbolic ceremony."


Through Rosie Colored Lenses
running on stilettos

My mother is five-foot-two (and a half, she'd argue) but her shoulders are broader than her height might suggest. When she sits at a table for a conference, no one could guess how short she is because her shoulders are clearly supposed to carry more weight, though her ankles dangle underneath.

Northwestern University
Amy Creyer: Chicago's Top Fashion Photographer

Snuggled in a musky green, knit vest and a beanie as grey as the Chicago sky, Amy Creyer looks nothing like the edgy, leather-clad street-style blogger the city loves and reveres. That is, until her $410 off-white Martin Margiela sneakers emerge from under the table as she crosses her legs.


Flipside News
Insomniac Students Mistaken for Raccoons

EVANSTON - Since the beginning of Fall classes, students have reported to the Evanston Animal Control Bureau an alarming increase in the number of large, nocturnal creatures wandering around campus. Many students, aware of the abundance of wildlife in the area, have shrugged these unidentifiable fiends off as raccoons, due to the black circles around the creatures' eyes.

Flipside News
Diversity Initiative Prompts Sororities to Accept Marginally Less Stereotypical Sisters

EVANSTON - With doomsday approaching at the end of 2012, people and communities are desperately seeking ways to do good and collect some positive karma. Northwestern University's Panhellenic Association (PHA) is no exception. At the last Greek Life Summit, the Panhellenic board decreed that the sororities had to diversify their new pledge class, encouraging them to select members that are drastically different from the existing sisters.

Flipside News
Chinese Students Fail to Recognize Chinese-New-Year-Themed Food

EVANSTON - In the spirit of celebrating diversity at Northwestern, the dining halls prepared a themed dinner in honor of Chinese New Year. There was a large variety of Chinese food to choose from, including Beef Lo Mein, Chicken Lo Mein, Shrimp Lo Mein and Pork Lo Mein.

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